Hidden Magic: Katlego Kgabale

As kids, we grew up with our imagination running wild though our minds. As least I did! I would spend hours bent over a book, flipping recklessly through pages for words and images to feed my daydreams. Kgabale illustrated work offers up little brown girl dreams that I would have loved to come across as a child. But even as an adult, I can still appreciate and admire the creativity behind each piece.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


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Call to Action: Bill Montgomery Says He Will Prosecute Shanesha. Let Him Know That You Disagree!


Yesterday, County Attorney Bill Montgomery told the Arizona Republic that he plans to move forward with plans to prosecute Shanesha Taylor

This is a grave injustice and we need you to voice your disapproval of this decision. Please call Bill Montgomery directly and ask him to DROP THE CHARGES against Shanesha Taylor. She needs support not criminalization. 

His number is(602) 506-3411. Please make calls TODAY!